NFL 2017: Five things that sucked this season.

By no means is this an exhaustive list but it’s a list all the same. This season has sucked on many levels and I’m here to chronicle some of it.

1. Lots and Lots of injuries

Before the season began we had a will he-won’t he drama in regards to Andrew’s Luck’s status. Spoiler alert: he won’t(or he didn’t whichever your prefer) Then there was a JJ Watt, Odell Beckham got hurt in the preseason and then again in the regular season. But it was ok, the football gods gave us a new hero. Rookie Deshaun Watson burst onto the scene electrifying the league in a way we haven’t seen a Qb do since RG3(God please don’t let this kid wind up like RG3). But as with most things this NFL season; Watson’s story didn’t have a happy ending. In a cruel twist of irony Watson didn’t even get hurt in a game, a handoff in practice took him out.

2. Collin Kaepernick’s unemployment 

I’m an agnostic as far as Collin goes. I don’t think he’s a modern-day version of Rosa Parks. However, I appreciate what he is trying to do and I know he’s good enough to make an NFL roster and probably start for close to half the teams in the league.

This saga sucked because it became political and quite frankly I don’t want that in my football. I’m well versed in politics, 99 percent of the players, commentators, and announcers speaking on this issues arent.  The owners were very political by not hiring Kaepernick, the response to the snub has been political. I love politics and the analysis of it but I go to people qualified to do so. I don’t need every conversation about QB play in the NFL to devolve into a conversation on civil liberties sorry, I like sectioned plates so my food doesn’t touch.

3, Donald Trump

I have a firm belief in the separation of politics and sports. I don’t even like the White House visits for winning teams anymore.(Thanks, Obama) All of this shit was dying down though, ESPN had run out of topics and FS1 even seemed to run out of ways to race bait on the matter.  Then the fucking president of the United States had to weigh-in, calling players who kneel “sons of bitches. The 45th president of the United States also opined that the players who participated in kneeling should be fired.

The problem with fighting Donald Trump(besides the fact that he gives no fucks) is that he gives you so many targets it’s difficult to focus your efforts. The players responded in force to Trump but the lasting image from their protest was Jerry Jones kneeling BEFORE the anthem. Mission far from accomplished.

4. The play isn’t sucky the teams are.

Five years ago the Ravens would’ve been a 6 win team, but this year they were an Andy Dalton miracle pass away from making the playoffs. The Titans actually made the playoffs with a guy under center that threw more picks than touchdowns.  And please don’t get me started on the Bills. Hell the talented Steelers sleptwalked through the season and still finished 13-3. Did I mention the Browns didn’t win a fucking game???

5. No one knows what the fuck a catch is.

This isn’t fucking new. We’ve debated and simultaneously been confounded by the so-called “Calvin Johnson rule” since 2010. The NFL hasn’t been able to clearly established what a catch is for 7 fucking years!! 2017 seems to be a new low with the New England Patriots benefiting from this bullshit not once, not twice, but three fucking times this season. In order to enjoy any game from Monopoly to fucking tiddlywinks, the rules have to be clear to all involved it’s amazing that the NFL can’t figure out something so simple.



YGAF:JT Barett Leads Ohio State to a Helluva a comeback victory over Penn State.

It all started so well. Saquon Barkley took the opening kickoff to the house. Ohio State fumbled the ball setting up the Nittany Lions for another score to go up 14-0. In fact the Lions dominated the majority of the game leading by 18 two separate times. But in the end Sr. QB JT Barrett came up big with 16 4th quarter completions. Not only did Barett keep his team playoff hopes alive but he has clearly injected himself into the Heisman race.

There’s your lead now we go a little faster.

  • How good is Ohio state that they started out that poorly and ended up winning the game.
  • It probably shouldn’t be considered an upset anymore-this year anymore- when Big 12 teams lose to Iowa State at home.
  • I think we all knew Georgia was going to beat Florida but who expected that. Utter domination. Georgia may be the only team in the country that can give Bama a game.(apologies to Ohio State).
  • Norte Dame passed yet another test besting NC State but didn’t leave unblemished as QB Brandon Wimbush left the game with an injury. It’s unclear at this point how serious the injury is.
  • Florida’s season has been less than ideal but given the injuries and suspensions is following Head Coach Jim McElwain the right move. Are they going upgrade if they do?
  • Oklahoma State beat WVA in impressive fashion and look ready for bedlam next week vs Oklahoma.

Y.G.A.M.F Week 1

Welcome one and all to Week one of ‘You Got A Minute Fam?’ the write up with no editor and no Carltons involved!

Week 1 was full of surprises and the biggest surprise of them all was the court ruling granting Ezekiel Elliot the ability to play. Last week I joked about the lawyers in Dez Bryant uniforms but on Sunday they really were out in full force. I for one was happy to see Zeke suit up because there was no way I was going to be surrounded by faces like this for 6 weeks…..

Shout out to Jaylon Smith too for suiting up. There’s no joke here I really thought he would never play again but the folks at OCP just keep building things better and better. You know from the start of Week 1 I dont think anybody had it better than the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins loss, Zeke got to play, Jaylon got to play and for the first time in a long time NOBODY got arrested. Salute to you fellas!

So the season got off to a crazy start last Thursday when the Kansas City Chiefs obliterated the New England Patriots. I have to say it was very unexpected but the funniest part about any Patriot loss is the fan’s reaction afterwards. You can tell Patriot fans are the most insecure fan base in America. They have more super bowls in the last decade than anybody else, their Quarterback has loss more Super Bowls than some franchises have been to (sorry eagles it’s mandatory to joke you) yet the fans still rush to the defense of their team after a loss. Oh if you didn’t know the last three times the Patriots loss their opener they won the Super Bowl. That’s relevant because it’s clearly not a 40 year old Tom Brady and injured team playing this year. Patriot fans it’s okay to lose a game every now and then I mean the last time the Patriots went 16-0 they um…loss the Super Bowl. I mean hell you even got vindication for that because Tyree was cut soon after this play.

What are the statute of limitations on a super bowl win you want to talk privilege Tyree was cut and Eli has been allowed to suck for the last 5 years. Okay maybe not the last 5 years but the only offense that looked worse than the Giants was probably the Bengals (criticism I’m saving for Week 2). There were so many poor performances offensively it’s hard to do the next segment but let’s give it a shot:

QB of the Week:

Alex Smith, KC – 28/35, 368 yards, 4 touchdowns

“yea, so I’m like part cat that’s why it looks like my career is over I can extend it”

RB of the Week:

Kareem Hunt, KC- 17 carries for 148 yards rushing, 5 catches for 98 yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 2 receiving touchdowns, 200k fantasy points

Hey Kareem…the floor is failure

WR of the Week:

Antonio Brown, PIT- 11 catches, 182 yards

* Due to NFL restrictions I can’t post this gif or photo so here is the play that defines why AB is WR of the week*

Defender of the Week:

Andy Dalton, CIN- 4 ints and held the Bengals to 0 points

AJ Green looks on as Andy does what he does best: Throws to somebody other than AJ Green

Now that Week 1 has come and gone remember to update your excuses to “It’s just Week 2” today! Oh, and before I go the Y.G.A.M.F staff would like to remind everyone that this guy was on some people’s top 10 list:

This ya mans Washington? Don’t worry #BlameKirk is coming Week 2

Enjoy Week 2 people and as always if you want something specific in the Newsletter just inbox the crew

Y.G.A.M.F NFL Regular Season Preview

Back by unpopular demand it’s You Got A Minute Fam! The write up that was stolen from Cory and brought to life by IBS Yeezus (sure to be overtaken by Spencer). This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The time when everyone gets mad at you when you can’t see what they see in their team, the time of year when the word hater gets used 100 million times, bills fans hump and fight each other in the parking lot, men show their true sexual preferences by stating the would never date a rival fan, bets are reneged and collected, and reality is blurred by DFS. Yes, football is in the air so lets get to this 2017 preview:

Patriots win the Super Bowl. The End…..

No no no I’m joking. In all honesty New England fans should be appreciative of the Dallas Cowboys right now, especially Ezekiel Elliot. This might be the first Superbowl that they won and nobody is accusing them of having cheated because every week the Gotcha! paper comes out with a new Dallas Cowboy on the cover. I won’t ruin all the fun with explaining why this dude can not pass go and can not collect 200 dollars for 6 games, but I find it funny that for every 1 cowboy fan saying his absence isn’t that big of a deal there are at least 5 cowboy fans looking to cop a plea for Ezekiel. Not everything about this Dallas off season has been a waste though word on the street is that after Law and Order finishes the Menedez Brothers show they are working on a Hard Knocks Law and Order featuring America’s Team! Be on the look out this season for all law experts, they will be wearing Dez Bryant jerseys.


Here at Y.G.A.M.F we are always looking for new and creative ways to entertain. So this year we are giving out weekly awards and what better week to start than this week. Our biggest loser award affectionately named after the New York Jets goes to none other than Jason Whitlock of FS1. There are a million and one things to talk about during the NFL season which officially starts when players report to camp. Somehow the only thing this guy still has to talk about is Colin Kaepernick. It’s become to the point that he might be obsessed with him. You can google his name and 90% of Whitlock references include Colin Kaepernick. The worse of it all was Tuesday when he had Christopher Reid, aka Kid from Kid n Play, dress up like Kapernick and pose with a black power fist. The tweet from Whitlock was mistaken by many as a white man and of course outrage followed. Reid’s father is Jamaican and his mother is Irish so this apparently makes it okay for Whitlock to mock Kaepernick. Here at Y.G.A.M.F we try not to do soap boxes. We also embrace different aspects of humor even at the expense of some people. But if you sink to the level of creating fake outrage for attention: it’s pathetic. You’re as bad as Hackenburg hype news, you look like Darrell Revis trying to guard A.J. Green last year, it’s almost like Whitlock is trying to tank with the culture. So give it up for this weeks New York Jet : Jason Milk Dud Head Whitlock.

If you say Kaepernick three times he will appear

The next award goes to the most injured team in all of football: The Baltimore Ravens. “Few teams can match the injury setbacks suffered so far by this club. A back ailment has prevented Joe Flacco from practicing throughout training camp, though coach John Harbaugh insists his quarterback will be ready for Week 1. Wide receiver Breshad Perriman has been sidelined with a hamstring injury, while three other contributors — running back Kenneth Dixon, linebacker Albert McClellan and rookie offensive guard Nico Siragusa — are all out for the year, with tight end Crockett Gillmore likely finished for 2017, too. Already thin at several positions, the Ravens can’t afford many more hits.”- USA Today Give it up for the PUP:

Premiums are at an all time high in Baltimore

The last award goes to the Washington Redskins fanbase. How many times must you people do this to yourselves? Every single year you are the most ambitious fan base and every single year you guys walk the Trail of Tears. Okay maybe that was a little insensitive, what am I saying we’re talking about a team called the Redskins. This year replacing the ghost of RGIII past is Terrell Pryor. You might know Terrell Pryor as the Ohio State superstar who couldn’t quite crack it at Quarterback and then became the #1 WR option for the Cleveland Browns. Now he’s on the verge of being a top 10 WR. It’s the perfect match for the Redskins because nobody holds out hope quite like the team from D.C. who play in Maryland. Give it up for the first ever “Fake News” award winner:

A look into the Redskins future

Division Winners:

Wildcard hopefuls:


2018 #1 pick:

New York Jets

Playoffs come and go and your 2018 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks……

Don’t shoot the messenger!!! Week 1 will be out next Wednesday with fresh material so do me a favor

One Time, One Job, One Underappreciated Fight

I know I had promised a fight build up for Thurman v Garcia but this thing called “real life” just keeps getting in the way of my hoop dream of being a sports scholar. So since I couldn’t give you the pre fight love I suppose the next best thing is post fight.

“First off I want to thank Al Haymon and God because with out them this wouldn’t have been possible”

The man behind the curtain of PBC

Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to find any real boxing fan who was optimistic about PBC and the direction it was taking boxing when it first started out. PBC strong armed Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy for pretty much every elite boxer not signed to Top Rank. And the way it started out it just seemed like a gimmick. 10 out of 10 in production, 2 out of 10 in fight quality. The matchups were there, I mean they’ve always been there, but nobody seemed willing to really take a chance. The business that is boxing in the post Tyson era has always been about maximizing rewards and minimizing risk. You can blame Floyd for that if you like (I would disagree to some extent), or you could blame the fans. If fans stopped watching or paying for these inflated pay per views, well they wouldn’t put out such crappy fights. PBC was originally the anti PPV scheme, a company for boxing fans or as some writers used to say “but it’s free” TV. They were the answer to the politics that had become boxing or so we thought. PBC was going to rid us of the 1000 belts,sanctioning bodies, and most importantly promoters that blocked mandatory fights and prevented champions from fighting one another. It took some time but here we are and no matter how much I hate on Al Haymon and the business model it looks like he is getting guys the exposure, giving fans the fights they want to see, and getting people paid.

“People want to see the best fight the best”

rare is the occurrence of undefeated fighters meeting for unification bouts

The build up for a real championship fight is one of the best feelings in sports as a fan to me. I watch everything from WNBA to horse racing and there is just nothing that compares to fight week. The trash talk , the workout videos, the nostalgia of past accolades and the enthusiasm of other fighters weighing in on the event just makes it something special. Saturday night might not have lived up to the hype of many, I mean it’s almost impossible to please everyone, but I think it was a good show of two young guys still finding themselves as champions. In my analysis below I’ll give you my grades of the fighters pre fight, post fight and my reasoning behind it.

Power- Pre fight: Garcia B+, Thurman A-, Post Fight: Garcia C, Thurman A-

One of the many complaints coming in of the Garcia detractors was that he hadn’t had a KO in a while nor had he hurt anybody during his brief stint at 147 pounds. Thurman’s power is respected across the board by many and looking back on Saturday’s fight it was very clear he was the stronger fighter. He hurt Garcia multiple times almost knocking him down in the first round. I still have reservations about his KO prowess but that’s no knock on his punching power. When Garcia did land flush punches we hardly saw Thurman retreat. There were plenty of straight right hands, some from the counter, that Garcia hit Thurman with right on the button and nothing. If you want to see the difference look back on the counter hook Garcia was hit with and the counter straight right that Thurman literally walked into. Garcia knees knocked and Thurman blinked.

Speed- Pre fight: Garcia C, Thurman B+ , Post fight: Garcia C, Thurman B+

I’m not going to boost Thurman’s hand speed because Garcia is slower. If you look at it just based off this fight you may be inclined to say that Thurman hand speed is an A or A- but I’m inclined to say that is only because Garcia is a little slower. It might help with the illusion of faster hands if Thurman threw more combinations but speed isn’t really his best attribute it’s like 1B to the 1A of his power. I always joke about the “swift” nickname that Garcia has because frankly his hands are not that fast. He has impeccable timing for a slow hand fighter but not the quickest hands out here.

Chin- Pre fight: Garcia A+, Thurman A, Post fight: Garcia S, Thurman A

My gamers will get a good laugh out the S ranking. S is the grade they give you on fighting games when you surpass A. Garcia took some hard, flush shots to his chin. He had swelling over his left eye most of the fight and punches from Thurman at times literally stopped him in his tracks. He never once hit the canvas… was close…but he never went down and for that I have to salute him. Thurman I’m going to keep as an A, I still don’t like the way he responds to body punches and although nothing significantly stopped him or impeded his movement, you could tell he’s still not comfortable with getting hit below his chin.

Intangibles- Pre fight: Garcia A, Thurman B+ Post fight: Garcia B+, Thurman B

This may be the most controversial of grades but hear me out. If there is one knock I have on Keith Thurman it’s the fact that we are constantly bombarded with praise from his trainer and Keith himself about how smart he is in the ring yet I have seen in his last three fights how he doesn’t understand how to control pace or build knockouts. Thurman had Garcia really hurt in the 1st round, I mean he literally had to just string together a good combination and Garcia might have just taken a knee just because but what did Thurman do? He backed off a little, came back head hunting and Garcia survived that round, arguably winning the next round. I’ve always had reservations about Thurman’s ring generalship and if there is one thing that will keep him from achieving divisional domination it will be his lack of the aforementioned attribute.
I dropped Garcia post fight a little as well because there were moments in the fight where he could have capitalized on what Thurman called “cooling down.” Garcia didn’t show much versatility this match either as he was mostly on the defensive side and reluctant to let his hands go. Yes he’s not the fastest and in this match he wasn’t the strongest but you can’t win a fight if you don’t throw punches and Danny has punching ability in both hands but did not display it Saturday night. He was able to time Thurman a little early and it was working with a couple good straight right hands to counter Thurman’s wild swings and some body punches but ultimately he gave up on the strategy.

Corners- Pre fight: Garcia C, Thurman B- Post Fight: Garcia F, Thurman B+

it may be time for a change in the Garcia Clan

I detest father-son partnerships as trainer and fighter. It’s a great story, it’s always a great story, but unless your father was a former world champion or you are just exceptionally gifted, there is going to come a point in time where you guys hit a wall. Garcia and his father are at that wall and I know he think’s he’s doing what’s best for his son but it’s clear to me that in this rise to 147 his father isn’t going to cut it. Danny Garcia needs a nutritionist and better work out regiment and then he needs corner instruction to make up for the talent gap versus these top 147 pound guys. In short they are in over their heads out there in 147lb championship fights. And the little bit of instruction Angel gave Danny was smart, “keep your left hand up”, ” go to the body”, it’s just clear to me he needs more in depth instruction and pre fight training to get over this hump.

Thurman’s corner is good for Keith. That’s about all I have on that when your guy is in control it’s not much that needs to be said. Thurman was never really in trouble in this fight, their game plan was working from the start and Garcia never made them make any adjustments so it was an easy night for him. Trainer and fighter are in sync in Thurman’s camp and if there was a knock on Thurman’s corner it’s that they encourage quotes like this “I was not giving the fight away,” he (Thurman) said. “ I felt like we had a nice lead, we could cool down. I felt like we were controlling the 3-minute intervals in each and every round.” I’m often reminded of a furious Emmanuel Steward yelling at Wladmir Klitchsko during one of his typical jab fest fights. Wlad was killing the guy per usual and comes back to the corner in like the 8th or 9th round and Emmanuel cursed him out like he was losing. Wlad would come out the next round and brutally knock the guy out. “To win alone is not good enough, you need to win by knockout.”

“116-112 Thurman,115-113 Garcia, 115-113 Thurman”

Who’s Man Is This!?

I would be remiss if I did not point out the constant stain that is bad judging in boxing. There is absolutely no way anybody could have watched that fight and scored it for Garcia, especially sitting ringside. These type of things need to be nipped in the butt immediately especially with the potential great matchups for the future in the sport, there’s just no place for atrocious scorecards. Garcia did not hurt Thurman the whole fight, did not outwork Thurman but a few rounds in punch output and landing so how could he have possibly been awarded the fight on a scorecard?

“Somebody’s 0 had to go”

Beware of a man that meditates, listens to grunge rock and is vegan”

So where do they go from here? Thurman has two belts , Garcia has none now. After a “split” decision there will be calls for a rematch. Of course Garcia’s camp thinks they won, wants a rematch, you know the typical reaction after a loss. Fact of the matter is Garcia loss and it wasn’t really close. He never hurt Thurman and looked out classed at key spots in the fight. All paths lead to a truly unified division. Errol Spence will be fighting Kell Brooks for a belt and Manny Pacquiao is seemingly still actively seeking “tough” fights so if Garcia truly wants a rematch with Thurman he’s going to have to get one of those belts first. It doesn’t make sense for Thurman, a guy openly committed to unifying the division, to fight a guy with no belt. So while it might seem a little bleak this loss doesn’t actually hurt Garcia’s draw he just has to take a step back to get two steps forward again. With the outcome of this fight Thurman is in the driver seat versus the winner of Spence v Brooks. If Spence wins he will definitely pursue a Thurman fight as soon as possible. He’s been the guy looking to fight the top guys so I don’t see it being a big deal with him. Manny is a wildcard as he’s with Top Rank and the relationship between Top Rank, Showtime and PBC is as good as Trump and the media. Either way Manny only has about two years max (I’ve been saying that since the Marquez knockout) left in the sport and the division is still offering up good fights. There’s Khan v Pacquaio being talked about , Berto v Porter, Spence v Brook, Adrian Broner is at 147, Danny Garcia is at 147, Terrence Crawford will soon be moving up to 147, and Jesse Vargas, Lamont Peterson are both capable players in the division. The future is bright for welterweight post Floyd Mayweather and while Thurman is yet to be crowned the undisputed King, he’s taken the first step in the right direction to carve out his legacy and establish himself as The Guy in a very loaded and talented division.

I feel you Danny…if anybody feels you IBSYeezus feels you

Week 5 FanDuel Lineup

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders – $8,100

Carr draws a defense this week that is giving up an average of 290 yards and two touchdowns to opposing QBs. With Brandon Flowers and Jason Verrett out today for the Chargers secondary, Carr should have a field day. He is coming off a four TD performance against the 4th ranked Baltimore defense a week ago.

Jordan Howard, RB, Chicago Bears – $7,200

In his first start of his career, Jordan Howard rushed for 111 yards and caught another 21. This week, he remains the starter and goes against an Indianapolis Colts defense that ranks 18th in the league against the run. With better QB play for the second straight week, Howard will be a threat in both phases of the game.

Ryan Matthews, RB, Philadelphia Eagles – $6,300

The first hurdle Matthews had to overcome was staying healthy, and he has done that. With Carson Wentz playing great and having a successful passing game, Matthews has been able to flourish with the run. Detroit is up this Week for the Eagles and Ryan Matthews. Going against a team that is ranked 22nd against the run will bode well for Matthews.

A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals – $8,700

Adriel Jeremiah Green has been on fire this year. Take out a sloppy week two because of weather, and Green is averaging 10 receptions, 143 yard, and a TD per game this year. Going up against the 19th ranked team defending the pass in Dallas won’t scare him.

Amari Cooper, WR, Oakland Raiders – $7,200

August 14, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper (89) runs with the football against the St. Louis Rams during the first quarter in a preseason NFL football game at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
August 14, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper (89) runs with the football against the St. Louis Rams during the first quarter in a preseason NFL football game at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I went over Derek Carr earlier. He and the Raiders have a favorable matchup against a depleted chargers secondary. Cooper is Carr’s favorite target over the past two years.

Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants – $6,900
Giants Cowboys Football

The Giants have a trio of WRs that can make you pay. The most consistent has been Sterling Shepard. After being targeted 26 times so far this year, Shepard has caught 20 of those passes. With much of the attention on OBJ tonight for the 10th ranked Green Bay secondary, number 87 should put up great numbers.

Delanie Walker, TE, Tennessee Titans – $6,400

Last year there was nobody Marcus Mariota liked to throw to more than Delanie Walker. 41% of Mariota’s completions were to Walker. With Delanie getting his feet wet last week after missing the previous three games, he is primed for a good game against a suspect Miami secondary.

Dan Carpenter, K, Buffalo Bills -$4,600

When it comes to kickers, you want to find one accurate, but also one that plays on a team that can get down the field, but stalls in FG range. Buffalo should be able to move the ball well against the Rams, but a lot of drives will stall close to the end zone. Carpenter should come in and clean that up for three.

Eagles D/ST – $4,600

This Eagles defense, led by Coordinator Jim Schwartz, is only allowing nine points per game. Factor in that they are averaging two turnovers a game and playing a turnover prone QB in Matthew Stafford, and the Eagles should once again play lights out.

Total – $60,000

Post Week 4 Power Rankings

With a quarter of the season through, two teams that started in the top five have completely fallen down the rankings, as a few teams who started mid pack or further, have moved into the top 10. Where do they stack up? Let’s find out.

1. Denver Broncos

Paxton Lynch came in and played well for injured Trevor Siemien. As long as Thomas and Sanders are getting the ball and this defense forces turnovers, Denver will continue to win.

2. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings did a good job shutting down Odell Beckham Jr and the Giants offense. Bradford seems to be a perfect fit for Norv Turners offense.

3. Green Bay Packers

A BYE week and still able to move up in the power rankings? Green Bay has a Sunday Night date with the banged up and “distracted” Giants. Who knew you could draw two BYE weeks in a single season.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had a week off to rest up and prepare for the lowly Lions. Jim Schwartz will have a chip on his shoulder this week going against his former team.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The sky was falling in Week 3 as the Steelers got destroyed by the Philadelphia Eagles. A week later and the Steelers are back on top after a 43-14 win over Kansas City.

6. New England Patriots

For the first time in over three decades, the Patriots were shutout. To make it even worse, it was to Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. There’s good news for everybody in Patriot Nation. Tom Brady is back!

7. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle seems to have knocked the rust off and are in a groove now. With a BYE week this week, Russell Wilson will be able to get some much needed rest to heal up.

8. Oakland Raiders

This young team is finding ways to win. If they can continue to stay level headed and work together, this won’t be the highest they go in the rankings.

9. Houston Texans

After being blanked a week ago, Houston put up 27 points against a good defense in the Tennessee Titans. Houston is starting to run away with this division.

10. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore fought back but it wasn’t enough last week against Oakland. With games against Washington and both New York teams in the next three weeks, Baltimore will get back to winning.

11. Atlanta Falcons

Out of nowhere, the Falcons are exploding on offense, Matt Ryan is protecting the ball, and they have a two game lead on everybody in the NFC South. Didn’t we see this movie last year though?

12. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals got relentless pressure on Ryan Tannehill Thursday night. They just have to get better on offense.

13. Dallas Cowboys

They may have been in a tough battle with the downed 49ers, but Dallas got the job done. Dak Prescott has yet to turn the ball over and Ezekiel Elliott has posted yet another 100 yard game. You know that Dallas defense that is supposed to be horrible? Well they have a bend don’t break style and rank 11th in the NFL in points allowed per game.

14. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are 3-1 and 99% of the world didn’t see that coming. The defense is playing good and Case Keenan is doing just enough.

15. Kansas City Chiefs

One week Kansas City’s defense looks like the best in the league. The next week they look like the worst. With Denver and Oakland winning, the Chiefs are falling behind in the AFC West.

16. Buffalo Bills

You know Rex Ryan partied hard after his defense blanked the Patriots last week. Two straight wins has this team feeling good.

17. Washington Redskins

Another team with two straight wins is the Washington Redskins. The offense seems to be in sync and the running game is coming alive. The true test will be this week against Baltimore this week.

18. Carolina Panthers

Carolina has three losses to teams with a combined 11-1 record. The reality of this is they are 1-3 and fading fast. With games left on the schedule against Oakland, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Atlanta agin, the Panthers need to do some soul searching and get this turned around soon.

19. Arizona Cardinals

Nobody saw this coming from a team that seemed to be loaded both offensively and defensively. A 1-3 start will have Arizona playing catch up with Seattle all season long.

20. New York Giants

Another week of tirades by OBJ and costly turnovers for the New York Giants. In two weeks they have gone from division leaders to basement eaters. McAdoo seems to be losing control of this team so early on in the season.

21. New York Jets

Is it time for a change at QB for the Jets? Ryan Fitzpatrick as thrown nine interceptions in the past two games, and the Jets are struggling to score points. This may be Todd Bowles last season as head coach.

22. New Orleans Saints

A win finally came for the Saints in impressive fashion as Drew Brees came from behind to defeat the San Diego. Chargers. They are clinging to life to stay relevant in the NFC South.

23. Miami Dolphins

The offensive line is horrible in Miami. Ryan Tannehill is horrible in Miami. The defense isn’t what they expected it to be in Miami. Adam Gase is probably wishing he chose another team.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If Jameis Winston could protect the ball, Tampa Bay could win some games. It’s looking like a long season for the Buccaneers.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

They still haven’t won in America, but Sunday’s win in London had flashes of what most people thought the Jaguars would look like. Maybe this young team can build on that and get back into the thick of things.

26. Chicago Bears

twilight, new, moon, wall, papers, wallpapers, 1920, 1080, pixels, characters, high, resolution, movie, saga
twilight, new, moon, wall, papers, wallpapers, 1920, 1080, pixels, characters, high, resolution, movie, saga

Brian Hoyer came in and shows the Bears that Jay Cutler is the problem. Chicago got their first win of the season, and with more of those without Cutler, he may be cut after this year.

27. Tennessee Titans

They played the Texans hard but ultimately came up short. Parrish Cox is an absolute liability and Andre Johnson can no longer catch the ball.

28. Detroit Lions

Detroit had many believing in them after week 1. Since then, it’s been all downhill. Once this organization puts an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball is when Detroit can make some noise in this league.

29. Indianapolis Colts

Speaking of putting an emphasis on defense, Indianapolis once again shows us that you can have all the weapons you want on offense, that still won’t win you games. They are allowing 28 points per game. That won’t get it done.

30. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers blew it once again this week. In their three losses this year, San Diego has lost by a combined 11 points. They are in all the games they’ve played, San Diego just has to learn how to close it out.

31. San Francisco 49ers

A huge loss to the defense was sustained last Sunday as LB Navarro Bowman ruptured his Achilles. This 49er team has fight in them, but losing the heart of their defense may be to much to overcome.

32. Cleveland Browns

Cody Kessler is playing well, other than that late interception thrown last week. The Browns running game is thriving as well. If this defense could make some stops, Cleveland could win some games.