Levi’s Lackluster Production and Recklessness: An Alarming Prospect for the NFL Draft
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Levi’s impressive skill set will make him a desirable prospect for the NFL. He has been named team captain twice, and his toolkit is one of the most impressive in the class. Despite his modest statistical production and lack of progression in his senior year, his arm talent, intelligence, and athleticism make him a strong candidate for an early first-round selection. With his impressive skills, he should not slip far in the draft.


One of Levi’s strengths is his unique blend of size, arm talent, and toughness. As an impressive athlete, he can gash defenses as a runner. He can generate velocity quickly, and thread passes through narrow openings, allowing him to attack every field level effectively. Levi has a quick release that can be easily altered to deal with pressure, and he can launch passes over 60 yards with minimal wind-up. He also plays behind his pads and is unafraid to put down his shoulder to initiate contact. He won’t back down from making throws, even when he is getting blasted.


Levi’s very underwhelming statistical output may raise concerns for some evaluators. He also tends to make too many passes that come in high and test the edges of his receiver’s catch radius. His confidence in his arm can sometimes lead to recklessness. Although he has a bundle of tools, he is still a work in progress and has not refined his play much from his junior to senior year.

Grade: C+


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