2023 NFL Draft: Bryce Young Scouting Report
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Despite his small size, Bryce Young was one of the most sought-after quarterbacks in the nation when he graduated from Mater Dei High School as a five-star recruit. Although he began his first year at the University of Alabama as a backup to Mac Jones, he entered the starting lineup in 2021 with high expectations. While Young could not lead his team to a national championship during his two years as the starter, he won the 2021 Heisman Trophy after throwing for 4,322 yards, 43 touchdowns, and only four interceptions. Young’s exceptional ability to handle pressure in the pocket, his 360-degree vision, his pinpoint ball placement, and creativity are all key factors that set him apart. While some teams may overlook him in the first round due to his size, Young’s skills and leadership make him an ideal franchise quarterback.


Young’s strengths include exceptional body control and his ability to manipulate the pocket. He remains calm under pressure and is not intimidated by defenders in his face. He never loses sight of his targets, even when forced out of his pocket. His quick release allows him to make throws on short notice, and his accuracy is unparalleled in the short and intermediate game. He can place the ball with remarkable precision, even when he is on the move. Young is also a quick decision-maker with excellent anticipation. His footwork and quick setup enable him to deliver accurate passes quickly. He has exceptional awareness and vision and can identify open receivers and make the right reads. Young is also a creative improviser who can extend plays with his legs and create opportunities for his receivers downfield. As a natural leader, he commands respect from his teammates and inspires them to elevate their play. He is mentally tough and resilient, able to bounce back from mistakes and maintain his composure under pressure. Overall, Young possesses a rare combination of physical talent, football IQ, and intangibles, making him an elite quarterback prospect.


His diminutive size could be seen as a red flag for some teams. He also lacks the power and size to be a significant factor as a designed runner. While Young has shown a remarkable ability to make quick decisions, he is still learning to change trajectories and throw with touch downfield. Making throws in challenging conditions could also be a struggle for him.

Grade B+


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