IBN Week 11 NFL Power Rankings
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1.Ravens: I infamously said this team wasn’t “good” earlier in the season. They’ve proven me wrong and continue to roll up big numbers on offense and the defense is improving by the week. This team is a legitimate contender.

2. Patriots:They were on a bye last week after a beatdown at the hands of Lamar Jackson and the ravens. Have they fixed their issues defending the run? The Browns also gashed them in that area.

3. Niners: The Niner’s loss to the Seahawks on Monday night raises the very legitimate question of whether Jimmy G is the team’s weakest link.

4. Seahawks: Monday’s big win over the Niners gives them a chance to win the division and obtaining a first round playoff bye.

5. Saints: Nearly every contender has a game where they lay an egg. The Saints were dominated on both lines of scrimmage by the formerly hapless Falcons. Can they bounce back?

6. Vikings: Did their victory over Dallas get the proverbial big game monkey off of Kirk Cousin’s back? Is Cousins now in the endless MVP “conversion. Tune in Sunday, same bat time, same bat station.

7. Packers: I’m not a believer. Matt LaFleur’s offense has allowed the Packers to win games without Rodgers putting his cape on but their defense, once perceived as a fearsome force is swissy.

8. Texans: They come off the bye with a lead in the division, but face a tough road game against the Ravens. Can they contain Lamar Jackson?

9. Chiefs: At 6-4, they still lead the division. But they have to get things fixed on defense. The run defense was awful against the Titans.

10. Raiders: 99 percent of the football world owes Jon Gruden a big apology. He’s maximizing this team and they are legitimate in the playoff race.


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