Smackdown thoughts 8/20/19
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  • This feud with Kofi seems to have revitalized Randy.
  • Faces shouldn’t attack heels from behind. Kofi wanted revenge on Randy why wouldn’t he do it straight up? Also, why try to cripple Orton? His actions make no better than Randy?
  • Crying about a 100k fine has made Kevin Owens look weak. He was riding a wave after that awesome promo leading up to SummerSlam then he went over at Summerslam. Crying about his kids and begging for the fine to be reduced is a sure way to throw cold water on his momentum.
  • Nikki and Alexa just work. I hope it never ends.
  • Charlotte is the perfect women’s wrestler she looks like a million bucks.
  • Bailey is a weak champ. Charlotte’s promo didn’t help that. They need to sell the Baley is an underdog, not as a lesser star to Charlotte.
  • Baley is very weak on the mic.
  • Buddy’s music sucked.
  • I wish they had put Buddy against a lesser star than Daniel Bryan. Last week was something to build on. But facing another star so soon presents a problem. They had Buddy go over relatively clean but DB and Rowan destroyed him after the match. If he’d fought a random mid-carder they wouldn’t have felt the need to do that.
  • This mystery suspect sitting in the room for two hours is ridiculous. Whoever it is must be a very weak character.
  • The stupid angle does showcase Bryan’s versatility as a performer.
  • Although they are getting better, booking missed a big opportunity with Elias. He has star potential and they’ve squandered it. He’s just another guy now.
  • What a disappointment the big reveal is. A Rowan look alike? They could’ve put anyone in that spot and it would’ve given them a mini push.

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