Y.G.A.M.F. 2018 1st Round Mock
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Welcome to the “not so fancy” Y.G.A.M.F draft preview.  I will try to keep it as simple as possible.  Each team will be listed, their previous record, their needs as listed by NFL.com Draft Analyst Lance Zieren, the pick I think they should get, and the pick that I think they will most likely get and then a brief summary of why.  So let’s get on with the show as this may take a while, oh and before I forget…to save time you can just scroll down to your team instead of reading all 32 picks


  1. Cleveland Browns (0-16)
    1. QB, CB, OT, S, WR* (disagree)
    2. Saquon Barkley- RB, Penn St.
    3. Sam Darnold – QB, USC
    4. How many quarterbacks can you whiff on? Let’s ask the Cleveland Browns.   I just think the past mistakes are haunting the browns with this pick and the obvious choice is a quarterback.  With the first pick they obviously have the pick of the litter, Rosen has already stated he doesn’t want to play for Cleveland more or less, Baker seems to be game, Allen is hated by the fans already, Jackson would probably get the Mcnabb treatment  and then Darnold is a USC quarterback doomed to fail.  What the hell why not it’s the Browns….Darnold come on down

And with the #1 pick of the 2018 NFL draft…the Cleveland Browns select

  1. New York Giants (3-13)
    1. QB* (disagree),OL,RB,EDGE,WR(not 1st round though)
    2. Saquon Barkley- RB, Penn St
    3. Saquon Barkley- RB, Penn St
    4. After getting rid of JPP and considering their recent woes on the OL the temptation will be there for the Giants to take say a Chubbs or Quentin Nelson but if there is one glaring problem with the Giants since their superbowl runs it’s the lack of a running game.  Eli is getting older every day, this draft is all about saving Eli.  What better way to do that then with a dynamic outlet like Barkley.  But if they opt to pass on Saquon and grab OL here…..the football mind in me would not be mad at that at all.  Besides they’ll be other decent options out the backfield next round.  Chubbs will be tempting and we all know how a good edge rusher can dictate a game but preservation of Eli takes precedent for the Giants here

Saquon Barkley finds open space and run for a touchdown against Ohio State

  1. New York Jets (via trade with the Colts) (5-11)
    1. QB, EDGE, OG, OT, WR
    2. Baker Mayfield- QB, Oklahoma
    3. Baker Mayfield-QB, Oklahoma
    4. Look I’m not high on Baker for my own personal reasons.  I’m also not an NFL GM or scout AND I also didn’t just trade three 2nd round picks to move up to the this spot to draft Chubb, Nelson, McGlinchey or anybody not a quarterback.  With the assumption that Darnold goes #1 it’s down to Baker, Allen, Rosen and the outlier Jackson.  Again this is just too high for Jackson and while I like Allen it’s too high for him too.  Rosen is a good choice but I think Baker’s persona and overall collegiate accolades propel him to being a top 3 pick this year and the 2nd quarterback off the board.  If the Browns surprise the world and take Barkley, then the Giants trade out or go non QB….expect Darnold to go here.

Baker’s college resume propels him to a top 5 pick this year

  1. Cleveland Browns via trade with Houston Texans (0-16)
    1. QB, CB, OT, S, WR* (disagree)
    2. Bradley Chubb-Edge, NC St.
    3. Bradley Chubb-Edge,NC St.
    4. There is a very strong possibility the Browns will open up with one of the most potent young edge rushing combos in a long time with Garrett and Chubb. With today’s game so built around the pass, guys who can generate pressure and get sacks are in high demand all the time.  There may be temptation to replace Joe Thomas here and that option is definitely there for the 4th spot but this is “best available” type territory and he’s most certainly the best available even if it’s not listed as a need.

Boom or Bust Chubb is regarded as the best edge rusher in the 2018 draft

5. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)*

  1. QB, OL, WR, CB, S
  2. Broncos are looking to trade this pick. There are a few teams looking to move up for a potential Allen pick.  I know it’s not popular but teams like Buffalo and Arizona want a quarterback bad enough to trade up for the inaccurate yet strong-armed prospect from Wyoming.  Seeing as this is a very likely scenario I am going to go ahead and just say for this draft purpose that Cardinals trade up to get Josh Allen- QB Wyoming.

in the first surprise of the draft the Cardinals trade up for the strong armed Josh Allen

  1. Indianapolis Colts (4-12)
    1. EDGE, LB, OL, WR, DT
    2. Trade pick, or Either Nelson, Mcglinchey
    3. Quenton Nelson- G, Notre Dame
    4. Colts just need everything.  I know they traded down and obtained three very decent 2nd round picks, I’d honestly like to see them trade down once again and try to add some more picks.  They kind of got away with one with the trade to the jets but this team needs talented bodies.  With that being said I think our first offensive lineman is coming off the board here.  Andrew Luck shoulder isn’t healing quite like they had hoped and all things considered, the last time the Colts were successful they had a winning formula not only at Quarterback but on the offensive line.  That will be a point of emphasis with this pick if it is indeed used.  I’m inclined to think that the left tackle position would be addressed first, however, McGlinchey wasn’t as impressive on film as Nelson and Nelson may be the safest “won’t bust” pick in the 1st

according to one scout Nelson is a better Mankins

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)
    1. RB, CB, DL, S, OL
    2. Minkah Fitzpatrick- S, Alabama
    3. Minkah Fitzpatrick- S, Alabama
    4. Maybe I’m giving the Bucs too much credit here but it makes absolutely no sense for a team to have needs of CB and S to pass on Fitzpatrick.  I’m not a huge Fitzpatrick fan but the film doesn’t lie the guy had a nose for the ball and reasonable coverage abilities.  He could certainly play a very versatile role at the next level but just the ability to constantly be around the ball and not afraid to get dirty makes him a great prospect.  7 might be a little high for him to some but most boards have him going by pick 10 and I just think the top prospects for RB, DL, and OL are just not good enough to warrant a pick here.  Doug Martin will need to be replaced and Mccoy could use a complimenting presence on the line but the Bucs should go with the most talented prospect out their needs and that’s Fitzpatrick.  Derwin James fans are wary here he could leave too.

Not my personal favorite but man is the film on this guy impressive

  1. Chicago Bears (5-11)
    1. CB, OL, EDGE, DL, ILB
    2. Denzel Ward- CB, Ohio St.
    3. Tremaine Edmunds- OLB, Virginia Tech
    4. I expect Nelson to be gone long before the Bears get to pick here at the 8 spot and I’m just not sure if their need for a cornerback really outweighs the need for a pass rusher and just all-around athlete in the box. Enter Tremaine who hails from the Bud Foster school of hard knocks.  He just sounds like a potential freak: 6’5, 253 pounds and a 4.5 40.  He’s listed as an inside linebacker but you can bet Vic Fangio has looked at this guy and instantly thought about another physically gifted, undersized defensive player that nobody thought should be a top pick and he anchored a very successful defense off him.  Hey, they measure close to one another and you could argue Tremaine tested better.

This is my surprise pick of the draft. Edmunds isn’t projected as a top 10 pick but I think he gets a boost on draft day from an ambitious team

  1. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)
    1. EDGE, OG, CB, WR, TE
    2. Trade down
    3. Rocquan Smith- ILB, Georgia
    4. With the news of Reuben Foster’s legal trouble, I think the 49ers will be pressed to find a replacement. It would be a dream of dreams to have Foster and Smith fighting over tackles like Willis and Bowman, however, it’s more likely that Smith will just have to take over as the field general by himself.  Niners should count themselves fortunate to be in a position to pick up a talent like Smith in wake of the Foster controversy.  I’m willing to not budge on this if Nelson is off the board.

Could Roc be Foster’s replacement in San Francisco?

  1. Oakland Raiders (6-10)
    1. LB, CB, S, OT, DT
    2. Derwin James- S, Florida St
    3. Derwin James- S, Florida St
    4. The surprise pick of Smith by the 49ers will force the Raiders to play their secondary hand earlier than they would like to have.  Questions about Ward’s size will make it even easier for the Raiders to pick arguably he best Safety in the draft.

Even though the tape shows questionable effort at times…Scouts and GMs love Derwin. Some even consider him the best Safety in the draft

  1. Miami Dolphins (6-10)
    1. DL, LB, QB, TE, CB
    2. Da’Ron Payne- DT, Alabama
    3. Da’Ron Payne-DT, Alabama
    4. Da’Ron has probably shot up some boards after posting a 4.95 40 and just displaying better pass rushing ability than the more popular public pick Vea. With the loss of Suh and Da’Ron being one of the best prospects left for the needs of the Dolphins, I think they get the right man for the job here for that defense that will be looking to reestablish itself this year.

      Payne will be a good replacement for Suh although the Dolphins could be in play for a Quarterback first round

  1. Buffalo Bills (9-7) via trade with Cincinnati Bengals)**
    1. QB, OL, WR, S, LB
    2. Josh Rosen- QB, UCLA
    3. Josh Rosen-QB, UCLA
    4. Look I know me personally I think Rosen is the best NFL prospect QB in this draft.  This scenario might seem highly unlikely but I believe that the Bills can stay put and still have a shot at a pocket passing QB.  The transition from Tyrod to AJ McCarron makes me think they want a more traditional approach at the position.  There are no OL prospects available to really consider over the high ceiling of Rosen and WRs aren’t as pressing as finding their Quarterback of the future.  In all likelihood, the Bills will probably be looking to trade up but I think the asking price for the Broncos spot will be too high.  It may not actually be Rosen that they are able to pick up but a Quarterback will be available here and I think that position is their pick.

It’s unlikely Rosen drops out the top 10 so expect the Bills to trade up for him if it looks like the Dolphins are in play for a Quarterback

  1. Washington Redskins (9-7)
    1. DL, LB, CB, OG, QB
    2. Vita Vea- DL, Washington
    3. Denzel Ward- CB, Ohio State
    4. Everything about the Redskins makeup defensively is screaming pick an interior lineman, especially one that is good against the rush but these guys put themselves in a serious bind when they inexplicably traded Fuller this offseason.  Enter Denzel Ward who really shouldn’t sink this far down the board in my opinion but ends up a victim of circumstance for this years draft.  The knock on Ward is his size but the kid’s got great ball skills and athleticism to match.  Would be a great replacement for Fuller and compliment to the current secondary.  Washington’s first pick has to be defense so if they are not grabbing Vea/Payne then Ward is their guy in this scenario.

Some are concerned with Wards overall size but with the loss of Fuller in a head scratching trade the Redskins should look to replace him as soon as possible

  1. Green Bay Packers (7-9)
    1. CB, OT, WR, OLB, ILB
    2. Calvin Ridley-WR, Alabama
    3. Joshua Jackson- CB, Iowa
    4. My thought process: Packers should probably go wide receiver to help their quarterback, Packer should probably go cornerback to help their “always in need” secondary, Packers should probably go offensive line because they stay hurt, Packers should probably go ILB because they need run support.
      Basically, Packers just need to follow their board and take whoever they feel is the best available at any of their needs.  Jackson’s size is probably the reason he gets picked up here but his combine hurt his stock a little.  He didn’t run as fast as people thought he would then when it came time for his drills he was just stiff.  All that aside the kid is intelligent and doesn’t take a lot of risk.  His film is good enough to make you chalk it up as just a kid that tested poorly.

Jackson has the build and tools to be the next big body shut down corner

  1. Denver Broncos (5-11)
    1. CB, EDGE, OL, TE, WR
    2. Jaire Alexander- CB, Louisville
    3. Jaire Alexander- CB, Louisville
    4. Alexander should be the Packers pick but I think his injury concerns will make the Packers play it safe.  I mean Green Bay aren’t known to be risk takers with personnel moves so it’s a possibility.  Alexander tested through the roof at the combine and the only thing that really was questioned was the health as he missed games for knee and hand injuries last year.  Broncos will be tempted to grab a pass rusher but I don’t think the kind of rusher they are looking for will be here.  Talib is gone and he was a major player in that secondary, replacing him with some real talent should be priority after trading down.

Broncos will look to replace Talib and while Alexander isn’t as physically imposing as Talib, learning from Chris Harris could really tap into Alexanders potential

  1. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
    1. WR, TE, ILB, OL, QB
    2. Calvin Ridley- WR, Alabama
    3. Calvin Ridley- WR, Alabama
    4. There’s people who think Sutton will go at this spot for Baltimore but I just don’t see how after signing Crabtree that they would go after a big body guy like Sutton.  Ridley fits the mold a little more with 4.4 speed that compliments Flacco’s knack for airing the ball out.  People aren’t too thrilled with his size citing that he’s a tad skinny at 180 something pounds but I don’t think the Ravens will go anything but offense and Flacco really needs some targets.

Regarded as the best receiver in the draft by many. Ridley working opposite of Crabtree could prove to be a productive tandem for Flacco

  1. San Diego Chargers (9-7)
    1. OT, ILB, DL, QB, S
    2. Vita Vea- DT, Washington
    3. Mike McGlinchey- OT, Notre Dame
    4. McGlinchey will probably be gone by now.  He’s still a very good prospect and the best Left Tackle in the draft which will be sought after by any team who’s trying to protect their quarterback.  I would love to see them get Vea if he’s still here because a front of Bosa, Vea and Ingram is just …..I’m sorry I’m tearing up.  Nothing wrong with the Chargers trying to keep Rivers upright for a few more years and phasing out their old regime.

the 2nd big man on Notre Dame campus…expect him to be the future blind side protector of somebody in the league

  1. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
    1. OL, CB, DL, TE, S
    2. Derrius Guice-RB, LSU
    3. Derrius Guice-RB, LSU
    4. All the big names are leaving Seattle slowly but surely.  We all knew the rebuild would have to come on defense and I don’t think the Seahawks should be pressed to try and fill those holes in the 1st  As a matter of fact I think they should look to do something long overdue and that’s find a workhorse for Russell Wilson and the ground game that used to be in Seattle.  Guice would be a surprise pick to most and a solid pick in my opinion in this scenario

would be a welcomed surprise for Russell if the Seahawks finally got him some help in the backfield

  1. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
    1. WR, DT, LB, OG, TE
    2. Vita Vea- DT, Washington
    3. Courtland Sutton- WR, SMU
    4. I’m a big Vita guy and I’m trying to go back and see where I made the mistake that has him so far down the draft.  But it’s just how it plays out in this scenario and while he would be such a great addition to the Dallas Cowboys…..I just think Jerry will have Dez on his mind and Sutton is a big body target around the end zone and in the open field.  Call it a nostalgic pick kind of like leaving your girlfriend for someone that reminds you of what she used to look like before the kids.

Big target anywhere on the field. The loss of Dez Bryant might make Sutton attractive to the Cowboys brass. They have a real need for DL as well but I think Jerry will get the first pick

  1. Detroit Lions (9-7)
    1. DE, TE, RB, OG, LB
    2. Sony Michel- RB, Georgia
    3. Vita Vea-DT, Washington
    4. Patricia will appreciate what Vita can bring to the defense and I think the Lions will overlook their needs for a “best available” pick here

A victim of circumstance for the draft Vea will drop but not because of question about his talent and ability

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9)
    1. OL, LB, CB, DT, QB
    2. Rashaan Evans- ILB, Alabama
    3. Isaiah Wynn- OT/G/C, Georgia
    4. I feel like addressing interior linebacking core should be the first pick but I’ve seen a few mocks with Wynn going here and I’m not opposed to that.  Bengals traded for a tackle and Wynn has the type of build that can see him move anywhere on the line so it’s a solid pick up for the hole they are trying to fill.


Wynn for the win?


  1. Buffalo Bills via 2017 trade with Chiefs***
    1. QB, OL, WR, S, LB
    2. Rashaan Evans- ILB, Alabama
    3. Rashaan Evans- ILB, Alabama
    4. Look if they pick Vander Esch over Evans……I just can’t right now

Linebackers are in demand at the bottom of the 1st round and Evans will probably be the first to go down there

  1. New England Patriots (13-3) trade with Rams
    1. CB, LB, QB, OL, S
    2. Mason Rudolph- QB, Oklahoma St.
    3. Mason Rudolph- QB, Oklahoma St.
    4. The biggest news in New England is if Brady will retire or not or if they will trade Gronk.  I look for the Patriots to just go ahead and draft a reliable prospect of the future.  The rumors are they love Rosen but even with these two 1st round picks I just think it’s not enough to move up to get a guy like that.  Mason Rudolph is a capable NFL quarterback who I’m confident can learn the Patriots system and excel after sitting behind Brady.  He will be the best prospect since Jimmy G to back him up so look for them to take him with the 1st of the 2 picks.

if the patriots are truly looking for a Brady replacement Mason would be a great choice late in the 1st round

  1. Carolina Panthers (11-5)
    1. WR, CB, DE, OL, S.
    2. DJ Moore- WR, Maryland
    3. DJ Moore- WR, Maryland
    4.  Call it wishful thinking but DJ reminds me a little of Steve Smith and I think that will appeal to the Panthers who have been looking for a playmaker lined up out wide for Cam

DJ has big play potential at the next level and is very competitive

  1. Tennessee Titans (9-7)
    1. EDGE, ILB, WR, DL, OG
    2. Marcus Davenport- DE, UTSA
    3. Billy Price- G/C, Ohio State
    4. I like Davenport’s potential even if he’s from a small school. He’s got the prototype size that you can mold into something good in today’s game. I expect DC Pees to stick to the 3-4 esque scheme he’s known to come from and Davenport would be a good project at 6’5, 259 pounds but the have to prioritize keeping Marriota healthy and upright.  There’s not an issue with the line per se but Price’s potential flexibility between Guard and Center will make him appealing.  Even if he’s coming off a pectoral injury suffered during the combine.

Billy is a grinder and perfect for the interior OL

  1. Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
    1. DT, WR, TE, DE, FB
    2. Taven Bryan-DT, Florida
    3. Taven Bryan- DT, Florida
    4. In need of an interior lineman Bryan is the best available and just high potential due to his athleticism for a big man.  Ran slightly under a 5 second 40 and is really explosive off the ball.  Good technique with his hands as well, honestly at this pick it might be a bargain for the Falcons in the long run

Bryan really helped his stock at the combine and the Falcons need an inside presence on defense

  1. New Orlean Saints
    1. TE, WR, OL, QB, EDGE
    2. Marcus Davenport- DE, UTSA
    3. Marcus Davenport-DE, UTSA
    4. As stated earlier Davenport is a pick in this late 1st round due to his potential upside.  There will be temptation for the Saints to add more offense for Drew Brees but they can always address that later.  Passing on a potential edge rushing prospect like Davenport is too hard for the defensively hungry saints especially in the division that they play in.  Could be a real game changer for them if he develops.

Davenport is an attractive prospect based on his measurables and athletic ability

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    1. ILB, WR, S, RB, OLB
    2. Leighton Vander Esch- ILB, Boise St.
    3. Leighton Vander Esch- ILB, Boise St.
    4. The kid tested better than people expected. Steelers have questions about Shazier’s health and a glaring need for a solid ILB.  Most certainly isn’t the athlete that Shazier is but intelligent and disciplined enough to warrant a strong look, potential pick here by the steelers.

Could Vander be the next Keuchly? It seems unfair to label him as that but league is excited about what he can possibly do next level

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)
    1. OT, LB, WR, QB, CB
    2. Lamar Jackson-QB, UCLA
    3. Kolton Miller- OT, UCLA
    4. The Jags are not pressed to really make any moves up in the draft.  Their team is young and promising.  I would love to see them add Lamar but a need for them is another tackle and Kolton in this scenario is the best available.  It would make sense for them to just fill that.  If a talented WR is available this late I think they jump at it.  Just not Kirk however.

Miller isn’t complete but he’s got the size and fundamentals to make people think it won’t take long

  1. Minnesota Vikings (13-3)
    1. OL, CB, S, WR, TE
    2. Will Hernandez- G, UTEP
    3. Will Hernandez- G, UTEP
    4. Vikings need help at Guard and Tackle.  Hernandez has a lot of potential even though he comes from a small school.  The film on him is reminiscent of a Quenton Nelson lite.

Will is a mammoth…..and he is physical. This is probably my worse projection because he should be a top 15 pick but if he falls anybody picking him up late 1st round is getting a bargain in my opinion

  1. New England Patriots
    1. (see pick #23)
    2. Donte Jackson- CB, LSU
    3. Donte Jackson- CB, LSU
    4. Super athletic and aggressive, the talented Jackson would be the best available for a positional need the patriots can’t overlook

LSU’s rich history of athletic skill position players continues with Donte

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)
    1. LB, TE, RB, WR, OL
    2. Christian Kirk- WR, TAMU
    3. Christian Kirk-WR, TAMU
    4. With the departure of Torrey Smith and Kirk’s athletic ability re stocking the weapons seems to be a top priority for the eagles.  They have slightly focused on defense this off season and re-signed Bradham.  First pick more than likely won’t be a RB either as Ajayi can be a workhorse.   The remaining offensive lines in this scenario don’t warrant a 1st round pick either so unless they feel like the position is a MUST to be filled I can’t see them going OL here either.

Kirk has the size and athleticism to make one think that in the right system he can be instantly effective


*denotes trade

**denotes right team but possible trade up scenario


I hope you enjoyed my mock draft and be on the look out for that first trade with the Broncos.  If they are able to get out of the 5th spot and a quarterback is taken, expect teams to really be aggressive to fill that need in the 1st round.
















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