Jessica Jones premiere recap: ‘AKA Start at the Beginning’
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What I liked

Seeing Jessica again: Watching the show again was like picking up with an old friend. Kristen Ritter embodies the anger and angst of the character very well.

Friendship: Jessica actually has friends this season. Her relationships make her likable. Because deep down under her tough exterior is a person who cares and tries to do the right thing when it matters most. The first episode does a good job of giving us the natural consequences of Jessica’s actions in season one. She’s affected by killing Killgrave and the world around her treats her with fear.

The Wizzer: He is a weird character but the actor that plays him makes him endearing.

Jeri: Is back and just as self-centered as ever. The speech she gives in her initial scene is powerful. The writers do a great job of interweaving her character’s storyline into the main one.

Clean Malcolm: It’s good to see him all cleaned up and working for Jess, he’s her conscience in many ways. Their whole firing gimmick is rather amusing.

What I didn’t

The guy with the inhaler: I’d bet money that its Will Simpson from season one. The whole inhaler thing is goofy and the stalking thing is anti-climactic.

Plot: Episode one is more of a aftermath of season one show than a vehicle for initiating a new story, but the seeds are there.

Origin story: To me last season was Jessica’s origin story. There’s nothing that will ever be as impactful as her time under Killgrave’s control. I really don’t care about how Jessica got her powers.

Grade B+

Overall: A solid return that reintroduces to the characters but it doesn’t blow you away.


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