Wandavision Ep 6:We breakdown the most important lines of the episode and what they mean for the series‪.‬
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Lines covered
Opening theme song: Don’t try to fight the chaos. Don’t question what you’ve done… but if it’s all illusion sit back and enjoy the show.
Pietro: You probably suppressed a lot of trauma V
Vision: There were no other clothes in my closet you see.
Pietro: I got the ole Xy chromosome.
Hayward: We take her out this whole NIGHTMARE ends
Monica: If Wanda is the problem she has to be our solution.
Pietro: Unleash Hell Demon Spawn
Agnes: You’re one of the Avengers. You’re Vision. Are you here to help us?
Monica: Just gotta meet my guy over the ridge
Darcy to Monica: You can’t do that, you can’t go back in the hex. You’ve gone thru the boundary twice, it’s rewritten your cells twice, you’re changing on a molecular level”
Hayward: “I know about your history with Captain Marvel”
Darcy: Hayward you sneaky bastard(cataracts project)
Billy: I hear dad in my head. He’s in trouble.


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