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YGAF:JT Barett Leads Ohio State to a Helluva a comeback victory over Penn State.

It all started so well. Saquon Barkley took the opening kickoff to the house. Ohio State fumbled the ball setting up the Nittany Lions for another score to go up 14-0. In fact the Lions dominated the majority of the game leading by 18 two separate times. But in the end Sr. QB JT Barrett came up big with 16 4th quarter completions. Not only did Barett keep his team playoff hopes alive but he has clearly injected himself into the Heisman race.

There’s your lead now we go a little faster.

  • How good is Ohio state that they started out that poorly and ended up winning the game.
  • It probably shouldn’t be considered an upset anymore-this year anymore- when Big 12 teams lose to Iowa State at home.
  • I think we all knew Georgia was going to beat Florida but who expected that. Utter domination. Georgia may be the only team in the country that can give Bama a game.(apologies to Ohio State).
  • Norte Dame passed yet another test besting NC State but didn’t leave unblemished as QB Brandon Wimbush left the game with an injury. It’s unclear at this point how serious the injury is.
  • Florida’s season has been less than ideal but given the injuries and suspensions is following Head Coach Jim McElwain the right move. Are they going upgrade if they do?
  • Oklahoma State beat WVA in impressive fashion and look ready for bedlam next week vs Oklahoma.

The RC Report with special guest Ross Tucker

Ross and RC preview the upcoming NFL Season.

0:00- 2:45-Ross’ trademark podcast intro

2:45-6:00-Free Agency and Josh Norman

6:00-7:55-Bosa holdout

8:00-10:20-Will the Panthers and Cam Regress?

10:21-12:45-Breakthrough teams

12:45- 13:46-Are the Cowboys legit Contenders?

13:46- end-NFC contenders(Green bay, Arizona, Seattle)

Tucker is the host of the popular Ross Tucker Football Podcast as well as the Fantasy Feast: Eatin, Even Money, and The College Draft podcasts all available at

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Protect Yourself at all Times:How the Business that is Boxing will Inevitably delay another Marquee Match up

Before I start this let me first say that while I find the outcome of Saturday’s Canelo v Khan fight funny, in actuality there is nothing funny about such a brutal knockout. With that being said, combat sports in general always run the risk of harm to the competitors for the sake of entertainment and I am glad that Khan is at least functional as of this writing Now let’s get to the point, this fight should have never been made. I’ve said that from the announcement, all the way through the promotion, and even in the final seconds of Amir Khan concussed body hitting the canvas. I consider Amir a 140lb fighter who was moonlighting at 147 because that’s where the money was. Prior to taking this fight Amir had only fought four fights at the welterweight limit of 147 lbs. Of those four none where top 10 fighters, as a matter of fact the last top 10 fighter Amir Khan faced was Danny Garcia in 2012, a fight that ended in a stoppage by the ref after a dazed Khan was picking himself up off the canvas for a second time that night. So all things considered how the hell does Amir Khan get to fight the best 154lb* fighter in the world for the MIDDLEWEIGHT championship? Let me say that again, a guy who typically fights at 140-147 just got knocked out by a guy who is 154lbs* but has the middleweight belt, a belt that rightfully belongs to the men in the 160lb division.

“How Sway? “

The story on how Canelo obtained the middleweight belt is another article in and of itself so for this particular discussion we are going to focus on the sham tonight. You see there is the “new” stigma in boxing where every fighter has to establish themselves to a certain side in the negotiations. There’s the A side where we see the money being made. These are your headliners on the pay per view and the one making 8 figures for the fight. Then there is the B side which in today’s boxing negotiations just means that you take the blame for the fight if it doesn’t go through. Somewhere between Oscar De la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather , this A-side title became the “one ring to rule them all” type title. Oscar honestly started this when he set up the first fight with Floyd Mayweather and Floyd took it to a whole other level remaining undefeated and collecting almost 10x as much money at one point in the latter part of his career than the actual fight with Oscar De La Hoya. The title of PPV king has taken priority over the roots of boxing and self-preservation is a necessity for a PPV king. And that’s what we get nowadays fighters who are afraid to look bad or lose for fear that after a defeat fans and networks won’t tune in anymore. And the craziest part about that logic is that there are countless examples of boxers who have loss but still remained attractive to fans and networks. So how does this pertain to Canelo? Canelo is being groomed to be the next big thing in boxing. Much like GGG is being groomed to be the next big thing. When you break down their success over the last few years the only advantage Canelo has is his opponents have name recognition. As far as the sport goes both men essentially dominate a dead division but guys like Cotto, Mosely, Mayweather, Khan sound better and look better on your resume than Stevens, Macklin, Geale, Ouma. Hell the last person that Gennady fought was an 18-0 kid from Maryland and honestly I’m not even sure how he got the fight.

The Ruse

Canelo v Khan was always made to have Canelo look really good in front of an audience so that he can use this fight as leverage when he tells GGG he has to come to 155 lbs if he wants the belt. As the junior middleweight-middleweight champion Canelo has more victories versus welterweights than any other division. All signs point to Canelo aging out of the 154 lb division completely. He’s 25 years old and hasn’t’ fought at his normal weight class since 2013. Granted it’s just 1lb but if you can’t make the weight you have to move up or agree to a catch weight. They don’t make belts for a 155 lb champion so Canelo either has to move up to 160 or get guys from 160 to agree to a catch weight and have it sanctioned. The sanctioning hasn’t been a problem but getting the names to come down has been and this is where we will see the Canelo v GGG fight stalled for all eternity.
That is Canelo’s side of the story but let’s not act like GGG is without his faults in this spat. GGG has stated he would come down to fight Floyd Mayweather as low as 154 pounds but he won’t fight Canelo at 155 pounds for his belts? And why hasn’t he fought any of the top contenders in the middleweight division? The new baddest man on the planet has fought has beens and bottom level “top competition.” What I mean by that is he’s made a living off avoiding top 5 fighters in his division somehow. GGG has been active since 2006 in the middleweight division, and in 2006 Miguel Cotto (the man who beat the man for the middleweight belts) was still a small welterweight making his impact on the sport. In the 10 years since then the middleweight division has seen its share of worthy champions like Paul Williams, Kelly Pavlik, Sergio Martinez, Jermain Taylor, Bernard Hopkins but GGG hasn’t added not one of those names to his Resume in a 10-year career. Unfortunately, in the end he has nobody to blame but himself, and the idea that someone is actually running from GGG in that division just isn’t accurate. There has been plenty of time for GGG and his handlers to make moves if he’s as good as everyone makes him out to be and yet he’s chasing smaller guys trying to lay claim to the division, much like Canelo.

For now….we wait

This fight will be a negotiating nightmare for fans. It has all the makings of Mayweather v Pacquiao and the “what could have been” talks. Honestly the Mayweather v Pacquiao fiasco might not be as bad as this because while many say Floyd waited til Pacquiao “slowed down” the reality is that it didn’t necessarily benefit Floyd to wait until his reflexes declined through age either as he was slightly older than Manny. Regardless of which spectrum you’re on with Floyd v Manny they were closer in age than Canelo who is 25 years old and GGG who is 34 years old. Time is not on GGG’s side and that might be the only thing that will force him to concede to the Canelo camp’s demands and the fight gets made. He won’t really have much choice unless the sanctioning bodies strip Canelo, and well I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory but Mexican champions hardly ever get stripped by a sanctioning body especially the WBC. I often talk about the levels of boxing and how there is a right way to make a name in the sport and a wrong way. The way everyone goes about it now is the wrong way, many of these self-entitled fighters aren’t really drawing the “A Side” type numbers they think they are. Canelo is definitely a bigger draw than GGG but you can argue that’s more due to the fact his opponents were established names rather than he himself being the established name, and the opponents have hardly ever been evenly matched usually giving up 8 lbs most of the time or in Angulo and Kirkland’s case, inactive for about two years prior to the fight. So buckle up fight fans we’ve got two spoiled children about to sit down at the table and negotiate. I for one , won’t get my hopes up.

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick has dedicated himself to preserving the fundamentals of basketball. By using NBA footage, he breaks down the games with freeze frames, arrows, and slow motion to explain the intricate details of what is happening on the court. By paying close attention off the ball, he opens up a whole new way to watch and analyze the game.

Coach Nick joins RC to discuss the crazy OKC-Spurs finish (6:26), his coaching background(8:20),the origin of bballbreakdown (10:22), the state of fundamentals(13:11), Is Steph curry bad for basketball? (14:46), Changes in the game(17:13),What do the analytics guys get wrong (20:30), Why are the Warriors so good(22:48), Are the Cavs built to win a title?(26:00), What is OKC missing(28:30), Westbrook’s flaws(32:11),Where goes Kobe rank all time(35:14)Pet Peeves (36:52)Shooting system(abrupt end)

Had to end the interview rather abruptly at the end, sorry about that folks.

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Concussion Author Jeanne Marie Laskas

Concussion Author Jeanne Marie Laskas

Jeanne Marie Laskas is the New York Times best-selling author of Concussion (Penguin Random House, 2015) and the 2009 GQ article “Game Brain,” which inspired the Golden Globe-nominated movie, Concussion, starring Will Smith and Alec Baldwin.

Jean Marie joins RC to discuss the NFL’s deliberate campaign to hide information on concussions from its players and the public. As well as the NFL’s reaction to the movie and meeting Will Smith.

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The RC Report with Special Guest Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is one of the most controversial sports writers in America. His polarizing writings cause consternation on the left and the right. Jason joins the RC Report for a no holds barred interview. We discuss The Rise and Fall of the Undefeated,His second go around with ESPN,Deadspin, Race in America, Donald Trump and why the Wire is the Greatest television show of all time.

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Author Jonathan Abrams on the Prep-to-Pro Generation and the Legendary ’96 NBA Draft


The definitive, never-before-told story of the
prep-to-pro generation, those basketball prodigies who from 1995 to 2005 made the jump directly from high school to the NBA.

Over that decade-plus period, the list of players who made that difficult leap includes some of the most celebrated players of the modern era—Garnett, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, and numerous other stars. It also includes notable “busts” who either physically or mentally proved unable to handle the transition. But for better or for worse, the face of the NBA was forever changed by the prep-to-pro generation.



Baseball is back! Our passion, the game of nuance is finally back! It all started as kids, when we played catch in the backyard with fathers or friends. We got our first bat bag, tied our brand new cleats and had our hand in a shiny new glove with a bright white baseball in it.

Now as professional baseball fans we all have a reason as to why we are drawn to the ballpark each and every year. We grew to love the aroma of fresh mowed grass, peanuts, hot dogs and cold beers. We love seeing the ivy growing strong on Wrigley field and the green monster looking taller than we remember. And of course the rivalries, walk-off home runs, no-hitters, and watching the young players make their name known around the league. It is our great joy to recall Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, the elite pitching of Maddux and Glavine, seeing Gossage close a game out, watching Barry Bonds break the HR record. With a weeks worth of the 162 game season out of the way, I think we were all very happy with what we saw during the first week. Excitement!

Having watched the first week of games the predictions and over analyzing of players and teams seems to be pouring in. We are going to consolidate all the excitement for you, and touch on the top notes of Week 1 in the MLB.

Starting with the biggest story, we have Trevor Story. Following his 6 homers and 1.036 OPS during spring training, he decided to tack on 7 more homers in his first 5 games as a big leaguer. No other player has hit 4 consecutive game HR in their first 4 games, let alone 6 home runs in the first 4 games. He has been getting great pitches to swing at and with his combination of vision, power and the aid of batter-friendly ballparks he’s been able to launch them. After what happened to Jose Reyes, this must be some peace of mind for the Rockies at the shortstop position.

We heard that bringing in Shelby Miller and Zach Greinke is going to make the Diamondbacks competitive. Well after 7 games the team as a whole has a 6.57 ERA. Zach Greinke came into Arizona with his 205M contract and has not proven anything to the fans in Arizona. He has to settle into his new team, and understand that if you keep pitching pop flyballs in Arizona they will leave that park.

Can you imagine having Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist starting out right before Anthony Rizzo and ROY Kris Bryant (or as the Cubbies like to call it “BRYZZO”) coming up to the plate? Rizzo brought in 10 RBI this week. With Arrieta sliding right back into CY Young pitching form, this team is going to be a very tough team to compete with this year. The loss of Schwarber was definitely a big one, but the depth on that team will overcome his terrible injury.

The slide rule, better known as the Chase Utley rule, has already impacted the game 3 times this year. 2 of the 3 times were game ending double-plays. You are going to see the majority of this happening at the end of the game. It used to be a part of the game to break up the double-play and save the runner on first. If you have watched any of the legal plays that the runner slid straight, it becomes the most routine play you will see in baseball. These are major league players, they can make that double-play 100% of the time. This rule will continue to alter the game in a number of ways.

With Trevor Story making history for Colorado, Tyler White of the Astros is getting over looked. He is batting .556 with 3 bombs and 9 RBI in his first season in MLB. Keep an eye out for this kid, he is a slugger.

 Let’s face it, the Giants are back to the EVEN YEAR Giants. Great outings by Cain and Cueto. Bats hitting .268 with 14 HR and 42 RBI. This team is the team to beat this year in this west.

Robinson Cano hit 4 homers in the first week. Last year it took him until mid-June to get to this point. Mariners are hoping he will continue on this path seeing as he is their 240 million dollar investment. If Cano can get hot, the Mariners will be a team to compete with.

The Padres started the season with 30 scoreless innings, which is an MLB record. Losing their first 3 games with a score of 25-0. Without Justin Upton, this will be a very common thing. They will continue to struggle from the plate all year.

MLB WEEK 1 Power Rankings (Not just for week 1)

1.Chicago Cubs

  2. San Francisco Giants

3. KC Royals

4. LA Dodgers

5. Washington Nationals

6. New York Mets

7. Detroit Tigers

8. Toronto Blue Jays

9. Pittsburgh Pirates

10. Houston Astros