NFL Draft 2020: The Good the Bad and the Ugly.
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Draft Twitter’s current fad is that draft grades are meaningless. If that’s true, I’d like to have about 90 percent of sports content eliminated from my life. Speculation and predictions are half the appeal of sports.

Everyone seems to have draft grades, so I figured I would take a different tact. I present to you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Good

Dallas Cowboys 

When Jerry Jones stepped onto his yacht Thursday afternoon, I doubt he imagined a player the caliber of CeeDee Lamb falling into his lap. The Cowboys trio of Lamb, Amari Cooper, and Michal Gallup give them one of the most explosive offenses in the league. 

I want to be so rich that I pay someone to hold my phone.

The good fortune didn’t end in the first round: Trevon Diggs, a lanky press coverage specialist(first-round player on many boards), will attempt to fill the void left by Pro Bowler Byron Jones. The boys continued their trend of value picks in the third round with Neville Gallimore. I had Gallimore ranked in my top 50. He provides much-needed depth to Dallas’ defensive line.  

Cincinnati Bengals 

Drafting Burrow is a no brainer. Young quarterbacks futures are determined by the pieces his organization places around him. The Bengals added Tee Higgins to a receiving core that already includes AJ Green and Tyler Boyd. If Burrow busts, it won’t be from a lack of offensive weapons. The Bengals turned a weakness at linebacker into a strength drafting tackling machines, Akeem Davis-Gaither and Logan Wilson. 

The Bad

Over the weekend, I heard pro Philly draft fans try to explain their first two picks. I’ll buy some of the rationalizations for picking Reagor. He’s an explosive playmaker, hindered by a bad quarterback. The Eagles looked to eliminate the lack of speed and playmakers plaguing them last season. Jefferson > Reagor for me, but I understand the logic.

I will not and can not accept the logic of drafting Jalen Hurts. The kid is a developmental prospect at best. You just signed Carson Wentz to a huge long term deal, instead of improving your team, you select his backup?? Replacement? Let’s say Hurts is fantastic. Did you use a second-round pick for a solid backup? A gimmick player in the mold of Taysom Hill? Maybe you trade him after he shows value? Are you going to get a second-round pick in return? Head scratching decisions by the usually astute Howie Roseman.

Los Angles Chargers

Evaluating the Chargers draft is a survey of your feelings on Justin Hebert as a prospect. If you feel Herbert will pan out, it’s a great pick. If you doubt his decision making, ability to read defenses, and to shrink in big moments, you won’t like this class. Consider me a nonbeliever. 

Chicago Bears

Drafting Cole Kmet gave the Bears ten. I repeat TEN tight ends on their roster. Nothing against the Notre Dame tight end. Why on earth do you have ten tight ends on your roster? 

I did like picking up Utah corner Jaylon Johnson in the second. Johnson was projected as a first-round pick by some over the course of the pre-draft process, but surgery on his right shoulder to repair a torn labrum helped him fall behind some other corners on draft boards around the league. He’s a solid player with Pro Bowl potential. 

Green Bay Packers

To be clear, I’m an Aaron Rodgers hater. I think he’s vastly overrated, many of his accolades come from highlights and assumptions instead of film and stats. He’s been in a slow decline for at least the last three years.

Thursday night, I found myself offended on his behalf. It’s one thing to trade up to get Jordan Love as the quarterback of the future. Nature of the business, Rodgers is 36 he had to see that coming. How can the Packers brass justify not picking a receiver in the most loaded wideout draft in recent memory?

The team went 13-3 and were a game away from the super bowl. The Packers drafted like a team rebuilding instead of one on the cusp of a title, drafting AJ Dillion a dated style running back, and an H-back with the two picks after Love. What on earth is going on in Green Bay? After watching the last Dance doc. I affectionately refer to this as “Krausing.”


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