NFL Draft 2020 Winners and Losers
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Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones stunted on everyone by setting up his war room in his 294-foot yacht. Then the night unfolded perfectly for the boys. Stud Oklahoma wideout fell into Jones’ lap at pick number 17. Jerry isn’t willing to pay Dak, but he’s willing to get him weapons. 

Kliff Kingsbury: He’s already considered by many to be the best looking coach in sports. Kingsbury upped the ante. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Niners: John Lynch’s hire was met with a collective head scratch by the NFL community. Since then, he’s put together one of the most talented rosters in the league. He acquired the 13th pick by trading DeForest Buckner and parlayed that into Javon Kinlaw, a younger and cheaper player. 

Jordan Love:  Time is a flat circle. Years ago, a late first-round quarterback was drafted by the Packers to wait in the wings to replace a legend. It’s an excellent opportunity for Love, who needed time to sit anyway. Rodgers may grant the rookie a chilly reception, but there’s so much he can teach the potential laden rookie. 


Henry Ruggs: There were already questions about his lack of productivity, but given the right situation, the speedster could thrive. Las Vegas is far from it. Paired with a somewhat conservative John Gruden and check down king Derek Carr it’s hard to see Ruggs’ talent maximized. 


Draft night is usually a joyous occasion for most players girlfriends. After all, they’ve hit the lottery. Last night two girlfriends took two hard L’s. CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend tried to get a look at her man’s phone. She thought appearing on national television would give her cover, but Lamb was having none of it. 

Our second girlfriend made another rookie mistake. You aren’t family yet, and you certainly don’t take precedent over mama. Isaiah Wilson’s girl had to learn this the hard way as she was yanked off the screen by her not so future mother in law. 


The Carrol/Schneider era is no stranger to head-scratching first-round picks. As a huge proponent of drafting based on BPA, I will always defend it. But how was Jordyn Brooks, the highest player on their draft board? Brooks is a tackling machine, but he’s not better than Patrick Queen(if you wanted to go with a linebacker).


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