Dallas Cowboys Dream Coaching Candidates
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Assuming Jerry finally finally rips the bandage off and fires Jason Garrett. Here are my dream choices for the vacant coaching position.

  1. Nick Saban: No this isn’t likely but hear me out. Nick Saban has to feel like there’s a bit of unfinished business left in the NFL. The Cowboys are the premiere franchise in the league. If any job would pull him away from his current utopia it’s the Dallas job.With Bama relatively down, now it’s the time for Jerry to swoop in with an offer Saint Nick can’t refuse. It would take Jerry giving up a massive amount of control but he needs to do this if he truly wants to win.

Chances of happening: Slim to none.

2. Dan Mullen: Ultimately he is my top “realistic” choice. Mullen has turned around two SEC programs. What the Cowboys need most is a culture changer. Mullen has proven that he can do that. He’s also been floated by NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah and Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum. And oh yeah he coached Dak Prescott in college, that can’t hurt.

Chances of happening: It’s possible

3. Lincoln Riley: The number one name associated with the job for last two years. On the surface it’s a natural fit. One of the brightest minds in football paired with an offense loaded with young weapons. But after his recent lack of success in the College Football playoff, is he really the guy everyone thinks he is?

Chances of happening: Unlikely

4. Urban Meyer: My first reflex was to recoil at the name. After all Urb “retired” from Ohio State after a scandal and his health seemed to be in question. Urban’s final years at OSU were rough at least by his standards. It’s easy to forget what an incredible coach Meyer was (187-32, .854).

Chances of happening: Maybe

5. Josh McDaniels: Whenever someone backs out of a commitment like McDaniels did in 2018, you’re going to have questions about leadership. The longtime offensive whiz also struggled in his only other head job with Denver. But honsestly I feel like that was a case of giving a young man too much power too soon. Of all of Belichick’s assistants he seems the most competent.

Chances of happening: Possible


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