NFL Week 9 takeaways
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1. The NFC is ridiculously talented at the top: The Vikings lost to the Rams and the Saints in close games. The Saints just beat the Rams in a thriller. Is there much of a difference between these three teams? Very little, although the Saints have the slight edge because as of this moment the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC flows through the big easy.

2. Nathan Peterman is the WOAT:Too often as fans, we feel like we could do a better job than the men we watch on Sundays. I understand that and with every criticism I make I try to be aware. However, If anyone can give me a reason why Sean McDermott is still allowing Peterman to occupy a roster spot much less start football games please tell me.

3. It’s time to for Cam Newton to enter the MVP conversation: We know how this ended last time and in some ways, I think the media has dismissed Cam because of his Super Bowl performance and his subsequent years after. The Panthers consistently win because of Newton and this year is no different. Norv Turner has found the perfect rhythm and balance for Newton and the Panthers are thriving.

4. Here come the Steelers: My criticism of Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin is well documented. Knowing Tomlin as well as I do I predicted this win over their division rivals. Tomlin’s teams have a portion of each year where things go to hell and chaos ensues. Tomlin always rallies his troops and they make a run come to November. We know how the third act ends but the second is equally as predictable with or without Levon Bell.

5. The Redskins are who we thought they were: A 5-2 start was clearly smoke and mirrors. The Redskins defense was never the juggernaut their fans made it out to be. Its offense is abysmal with its calling card relying on a 33-year-old running back. Before today they’d barely scored in the second half of games. This is not a formula for winning football. The Skins were due for a correction sadly for them I believe it will continue the second half of the season.

Random Thoughts

  • People thought the Seahawks regained their mojo by becoming run first and limiting Russell Wilson’s impact. In the end, they still don’t have an identity.
  • What was Matt Stafford thinking of that Rugby lateral? The Lions aren’t very good and Matt Patricia looks in over his head.
  • Despite the slow start and all the injuries, the Falcons are still 4-4 their division is tough but don’t rule them out for a wildcard slot.



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