2018 Scouting Reports: UCLA QB Josh Rosen
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Things I Like

  • Rosen is the most pro ready QB in this years draft
  • Exhibits good touch on passes that require it.
  • Throws with timing, anticipation, and velocity.
  • Picture perfect throwing motion
  • Football IQ is wise beyond his years
  • Rosen excels over the middle of the field, especially intermediate throws.
  • Excellent footwork

Things I don’t

  • Is he a leader? Some reports have Rosen as an aloof malcontent in the mold of Jay Cutler while others say his temperament and leadership very good.
  • There’s also a coachability angle, Trent Dilfer said that Rosen was the most difficult prospect he’s dealt with as the head of Elite 11. It remains to be seen if Rosen is a demanding football savant or a player that is difficult to coach.
  • Rosen’s struggles when he’s forced to move off his spot.He’s fantastic when he’s on schedule but when he’s not the results are inconsistent.
  • Rosen’s narrow frame brings his injury history to the forefront.
  • Injury history is problematic. Had a shoulder injury in 2016 and two concussions. Is he durable enough for a full season?
  • His decision making can be spotty. Prone to trying to do it all by himself. He was lucky quite a few times last year that horrible passes weren’t intercepted

Comparison: Eli Manning, Rosen is advanced at the mental aspects the way Eli was and is just as immobile as a young Eli as well.

Overall: I believe that Rosen is the surest QB prospect in the draft. His floor is very high. At worst you’re getting a QB with an above average arm who has a high football IQ. I also don’t buy the personality/dedication issues. The NFL wants cookie cutter players. Rosen isn’t, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a love for the game, watch him play there is no doubt.



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One thought on “2018 Scouting Reports: UCLA QB Josh Rosen

  1. **************** FIRETHEGLAZERS, There is no way the Giants are drafting Chubb at #2 imho he”s a 4-3 DE and they”re switching to a 3-4 they could have just kept JPP if they wanted another 4-3 DE silly. Also, what LOONS are saying there are only 8-10 1st rounders in this year”s first round? That”s ridiculous. Quenton Nelson and Saquon Barkley are the BEST OG and RB prospects in any draft in the past decade. Darnold & Rosen are two of the best QB prospects in the past decade. Minkah & Derwin are two of the best S prospects in the past decade. Chubb & Ward are two of the best DE & CB prospects in the past decade. Vea & Payne are two of the best DT prospects in the last decade. That”s 10 right there, and not just 10 1st round talents, but 10 of the top prospects in the past decade. There are still a whole bunch of 1st round talent guys: Ridley, McGlinchey, Joshua Jackson, Mike Hughes, Derrius Guice, Taven Bryant, Maurice Hurst, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Davenport, etc. Come on man don”t make such asinine statements. ****************

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